Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tips on Inpatient Geriatric Delerium

This is an awesome tip that I learned from Dr. Mina Zeini (who is also faculty here at Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency). This tips was given as part of our "Learning Center" teaching series which our faculty personally do for our residents. Enjoy!

     1. Use the CAM (Confusion Assessment Method)

           1. Must have acute onset and fluctuating course  AND
           2. Must have Inattention


           3. Disorganized thinking


           4. Altered level of consciousness

     2. Find out the CAUSE!

     3. Do NOT RESTRAIN!!! (increases delirium)

     4. Haldol at low dose (0.25 to 0.5 mg IV) is the first line therapy (discontinue as you find out cause)

     5. TRY TO AVOID BENZOS (it worsens delirium)


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