Friday, May 13, 2011

RED FLAG FRIDAY: Subungual Melanoma

Most melanomas are evident on plain site. But sometimes they can also be "hidden" or they can look like something else. For examples, a melanoma underneath a nail looks very much like a hematoma. And often the only way to tell a subungual melanoma from a hematoma to do a biopsy. Thankfully, melanomas in general are pretty rare. But it's good to remember that in non-caucacians, about 30% of melanomas are subungual.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Koo,

I am a grade twelve student currently working with a medical student to perform a city-wide presentation at multiple high schools to raise awareness for the connection between UV tanning salons, UV nail dryers, and melanoma. This presentation is free of charge and is completely not-for-profit. I would like to use the above image in my presentation, and would appreciate it if you would consider allowing me to do so.

You can contact me at my personal email address:

Thank you for your consideration,

Noel Garber

David Koo said...

Hi Noel, I don't believe that the connection between UV radiation and melanoma has been firmly established. Right now, UA radiation is believed to increase NON-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Hope that helps. Best wishes with your project.

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