Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diagnosing Diabetes

The ADA guidelines for diagnosing diabetes are not always straight forward—there is a barrage of random numbers to memorize. See if this handout which has an easy pneumonic that I made up for the residents helps to ease some of the pain. Also I have included a handout explaining how to use the Homeostatis Model Assessment (HOMA) to determine whether a diabetic patient has an insulin production problem, a peripheral resistance problem, or both. (NOTE: Don't click on the image below since it will only give you a low quality image; click instead on the "this handout" link above).

Finally, I want to give Dr. George Guthrie profuse thanks for his help in putting together these handouts, and for lending his expertise at the 2012 AAFP Scientific Assembly. Thanks George, you are a blessing. He also added feet and toes and eyes to the pneumonic (to help us remember to do our diabetic feet exams and eye exams). Cool!


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