Monday, December 03, 2012

COOL APPS: Walmart $4 Dollar Medications

Most of us doctors know about the Walmart $4 Medications. Heck, they started it all and now it seems every pharmacy has their own $4 list! That's great for patients! But sometimes, as physicians, it hard to remember what's on that list. So here's the solutions... The Walmart App!

If you have an iOS device, just go to iTunes and download the App! It's a FREE download.

Then, once you run the App, click on the Pharmacy link on the bottom of the page. Then you will have glorious access to the $4 list! And the medications are conveniently listed by categories. It's NICE when technology actually makes our lives easier (unlike some EMR programs).

AND you get to do your Christmas shopping!

(NOTE: Walmart did not pay me to say that... I do most of my shopping on Amazon. NOTE: Amazon did not pay me to say that).


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