Thursday, June 03, 2010

Surviving Medical School Tip #2: The Last Graduate

QUESTION: What do you call the medical student who graduates last in his class?

ANSWER: Doctor

This is not an excuse for slacking. But there is something amazing to be said about simply graduating from medical school. Also, there are some doctors who graduated from the top of their class who I would never refer my patients to. And there are others who graduated near the bottom who are intelligent, conscientious, and excellent physicians. It goes to show that MCAT scores, medical school grades, and board scores do not solely define a good doctor. Non-quantifiable traits such as common sense, a good bedside manner, being a good listener, compassion, the ability to set firm boundaries, discernment, organizational skills, communication skills, and integrity are arguably as important as medical knowledge in the making of a good family doctor.


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